Discover Winchester From Wolvesey View B&B you can easily enjoy exploring this wonderful city on foot and in peace. Discover outstanding historic buildings, monuments, sculptures, and beautiful waterways, while across Winchester bells chime the hours or ring for services.

Whatever your faith or sense of the spiritual try to attend a service in the cathedral. It will be an experience you will always remember. A tour of the huge cathedral is genuinely moving.

The old barracks are stunning, and offer a grand tour through the upper town. Here, the Round Table is impressive and mysterious.There are wooded hills to climb, and cool riverside paths to follow, while our streets and the cathedral close are famed for their many attractive historic buildings, especially pubs!

To help you John will be happy to tell you more about the many not-to-be-missed attractions in Winchester, all of them within a few minutes walk from here. Even more, there are super places to enjoy on a tour further afield, including Stonehenge, Salisbury, Avebury, Chawton, The New Forest, Portsmouth, and London.

For a foretaste of how beautiful it is in the centre of the city – see my photo gallery, taken during a short walk around the B&B.

I have helpful suggestions for visiting Winchester, whether you have just a few hours to spare, a whole day, or best of all several days to really relax and explore. And dont forget that for your evening in Winchester there are wonderful sights and sounds, as well as great pubs and restaurants so close at hand.