Enjoying evenings out in Winchester

Don’t be surprised if you feel your legs need a rest before the evening. A romantic way to start your night out can be a walk up nearby St Giles Hill where there is a great view over Winchester – and with a bit of luck the sun setting over it.

I have spent so many pleasant evenings walking round the city with my camera capturing the city streets offer in such different light. Not many think of such tours by moonlight – or lamplight – but Winchester is specially safe so have no worries!

My favourite time of the week for this is the evening when the cathedral bell ringing practice takes place (Wednesdays). Chose your time and place carefully and you could enjoy the sound of bells ringing all round the city, a very wonderful joy.

For entertainment there’s no need to stay in and watch tv or a dvd (but you can!). There’s a theatre with a great variety of live performance (“The Theatre Royal”) or a delightfully intimate and comfortable two screen cinema. Some pubs have live sports screened, others pop and jazz groups playing, in others quiz nights.

Best of all might be to go to the cathedral (or several other venues) for a concert of classical works which will add further glory to your experience of Winchester.

If you need some tips for a really special spot for dining out here are mine: The Wykeham Arms, near Winchester College, The Old Chesil Rectory near St Giles Hill, and the Hotel du Vin near the cathedral.

There are many other restaurants and pubs for great but more economical meals out. In the evening. Very near my B&B you will find a wonderful Indian restaurant ‘The Gandhi’, my absolute favourite, There are numerous others to choose from, particularly further up the High Street and along Jewry Street.

Recently the choice of places to eat out has grown rapidly with new restaurants including Wagamama and Raymond Blanc and all these just minutes away from the B&B, Rick Stein, River Cottage, the Black Rat, and Palm Panasia.